Small loans for bad credit -Our small loans online for bad credit

Small loans online for bad credit

With a mini-loan 30 days, you can borrow a small amount, you must then pay it off in 30 days, taking into account that you cannot do this in installments as is usual with other forms of borrowing. The advantage is that you get rid of it quickly and you don’t have to pay too much interest. You can read an example of the cost of interest for different amounts later in this message, there are also several options to choose from that are not free, but may still be pleasant to take, it just depends on your personal preference. You can quickly borrow an amount of up to 800 euros.


Our small loans online for bad credit range from $100 to $1000

To apply for a small loan online for bad credit as notes you must meet a number of conditions if you want to get it approved. You must have a regular income of at least 900 euros net per month, furthermore you must not be younger than 18 and not older than 72. Of course you must have a Dutch bank account number, a working email address and also a mobile phone with a Dutch number. If you meet these conditions, the chance of approval of a mini loan for 30 days is very high.


When will I receive the mini loan

When will I receive the mini loan

You can still somewhat control the rate at which you receive the requested loan. Are you in a hurry with the mini loan and do you really want to borrow money quickly, then choose the paid option ‘pay fast’, this option costs money and is not available at every provider. With some providers of the mini-loan, the quick payout is already included in the application price, so here you do not have to choose what your preferences are. If you want your money paid out quickly, it does not matter which provider you choose.


How much interest do I pay

The interest you pay on your mini loan depends on the amount of the loan and the agreed period in which it must be repaid. Below are some examples of popular small amounts that are often requested. 

Borrow your € 200 and 30 days repayment – interest: € 2.33 

Borrow your € 300 and 30 days repayment – interest: € 3.50 

Borrow your € 400 and 30 days repayment – interest: € 4 67 

Borrow your € 500, – and 30-day repayment – interest: € 5.83 

As you can see, the interest to be paid is only a low amount, since the term is short and the loan amount is low. The only thing you have to pay attention to is whether you can pay back the loan on time and whether you do not pay too much.


Borrow money without a credit

Borrow money without credit

Good news for people who have an annoying registration, when applying for a mini loan no review is done at the bkr, so even those who are not normally eligible for a loan still have a good chance of being able to borrow a small amount. Be careful with borrowing money without credit but make sure you pay off on time.